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Construction Site Branding: 4 Mistakes You Could be Making

Aug 20, 2020 | News

In a competitive industry like construction, building and housing developments, it’s a tough job getting people to take notice of you over competitors, attract new customers and get people talking about your brand. Construction sites typically offer a lot of exposure with people passing by and lots of areas for marketing or advertising placements, but it’s still easy to make mistakes when it comes to your construction site branding. Here are a few to watch out for:

Missed branding opportunities

Construction sites present plenty of places where you can shout about your brand from printed fence covers, hoarding signage and scaffolding or building wraps. But if you haven’t considered getting your name out there and how effective your print marketing is, there are probably missed opportunities. Construction sites are usually required to display safety signage. You might want to just display the minimum requirements on these but don’t forget that it can also be effective to add your branding here and keep your brand message strong on site.

Inconsistent brand identity

We know that not everyone is a design expert, that’s why Monster Mesh offers a free design service. But not having a consistent brand identity across digital and print medias could be sending confusing signals to potential customers. Having brand guidelines and using them consistently across everything from your website to your scaffold banners helps to establish your brand integrity and builds trust and authority for everyone who sees your branding.

Not using your marketing budget effectively

If you’re in charge of handling the business spend, knowing what marketing investments are going to bring you the best return can be a challenge. In the construction industry, things can change quickly and you might find yourself without the suitable materials for a new opportunity. It’s often the case that you get what you pay for, and that’s worth considering when you set a marketing budget too. For example, getting yourself on Canva and knocking up a quick logo might save you money on a professional design but you’re not going to get the same quality finished product. The same applies to your construction branding and print projects.

Ignoring your brand

It can be difficult to think of your business as a brand, particularly if you’re a small construction company. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore all the benefits of construction site branding and the opportunities that are available to get your message out there. In a competitive industry, having a strong brand presence could be what sets you above your competition so it’s important to think about.

The team at Monster Mesh are here to help you choose the most effective option for your budget and your brand. We have a range of construction site branding products designed to make sure you get noticed. Contact us for more information.