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Café Barriers

Crowd Barrier cover Airmesh Scrim

Budget 11.5kg Café Barriers

Crowd Barrier cover Airmesh Scrim

Premium 15kg Café Barriers (S/Steel)

Heras Fence Banners Airmesh

Premium 15kg Café barriers (Black)

Crowd Barrier cover PVC Mesh

Pole and Rope Barriers

Crowd Barrier cover PVC Mesh

Café Barrier Banners

About Café Barriers

How do you drive traffic to a café, restaurant or bar?

There are 5 key ways of driving traffic to your café or restaurant.

1. Branded café barriers

Branding outdoor and canvas barriers will not only create a relaxing eating environment for customers, but it will advertise your brand to passers-by. Add offers and products to your café barriers to attract new customers to your business.

2. Leverage social media

Set up a Facebook or LinkedIn profile and start engaging with your local community. Post about your latest offers, products and competitions to engage with potential customers.

3. Set up a Google profile

Set up a Google profile with your location. Try to gain more reviews from current customers to make you stand out when someone searches “best café near me”

4. Host memorable events

One-off events are a great way of bringing potential customers to your café, bar or restaurant. Create an experience they won’t forget and they’ll be more likely to return on a regular basis.

5. Reward customer loyalty

Encourage your current customers to return more often. Loyalty cards or referral schemes are a great way of bringing customers back with their family and friends.

What are Cafe Barriers?

Cafe barriers are used by cafes, bars and restaurants to enclose a pavement area for outdoor eating, smoking or queue management. Cafe barrier systems allow you to advertise products and services to passersby.

Branded cafe barriers consist of:

  • Two or more posts with heavy bases
  • One or more café barrier banner
  • Cross rails to connect posts & display each banner

You can order as many posts and banners as you like to create different perimeter shapes.

Café barriers are also known by a wide variety of other names. However, they are all the same product. Check out the list below to understand what you may also see or hear café barriers be called:

  • Pavement barriers
  • Outdoor barriers
  • Café windbreaks
  • Café wind barriers
  • Outdoor cafe dividers
  • Outdoor cafe screens
  • Outdoor cafe partitions
  • Cafe bollards
  • Alfresco barriers
  • Nightclub barriers
  • Printed cafe barriers
  • Mesh cafe barriers

What size are cafe barriers?

Canvas barriers are available in three different widths:

  1. 1.2 metre wide
  2. 1.5 metre wide
  3. 1.8 metre wide

If you’re looking for larger barrier covers, it may be worth considering crowd barrier covers which are made to fit 2.3 or 2.5 metre barriers.

Benefits of Cafe Barriers

Café barriers systems offer 6 key benefits for your café, bar or restaurant:

  1. Create an relaxed outdoor pavement area for customers
  2. Offers privacy for customers
  3. Cost-effective way of advertising your brand, offers and products
  4. Helps increase footfall to your cafe, bar or restaurant
  5. Easy to set up and add to if necessary
  6. Strong and durable against outdoor weather conditions

How much do cafe barriers cost

Cafe barrier systems can be purchased as set or you can purchase cafe barrier banners or separately. Custom barrier systems start from £167.49 while cafe barrier banners are available from £22.43 per banner. Use the price calculators on each product page to get a quote for your exact requirements. For bespoke orders, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Choosing a Cafe Barrier System

If you’re looking to buy a full cafe barrier system, you should start with choosing the type of kit you would like. Figure out where your barriers will be positioned and how many you will need. Once you identify this, you can choose what kit and what cafe barrier size you need.

You should then pick the right poles and bases for you. Choose from three quality cafe barrier systems below:

  1. Budget Cafe Barriers (11.5kg)

A budget-friendly pavement barrier option. Slightly lighter than our premium options, budget cafe barriers are more suited to indoor use. Budget cafe barriers are only available with upper cross rails while the bottom of your cafe barrier banner will attach using bungee tether.

  1. Premium Cafe Barriers in Steel (15kg)

Our best-selling cafe barriers system, premium cafe barriers are made from stainless steel and weigh 15kg. Perfect for outdoor conditions, premium canvas barriers are strong and durable. Available with upper and lower cross rails and flat packed for easy transportation, premium cafe barriers are a great option should you have the budget.

  1. Premium Cafe Barriers in Black (15kg)

Enjoy all the same strength and sturdiness as our premium steel cafe barriers whilst adding a black aesthetic. A tough satin finish adds style and durability to offer optimum outdoor performance.

Can I Extend My Existing Café Barrier System?

Whether you’ve purchased cafe barriers from us or elsewhere, you can add to your current system by purchasing components and banners separately.


You currently own a cafe barrier system consisting of two posts and one banner and want to add another banner.

You would need to purchase:

  • 1 post
  • 1 banner
  • 1 x Upper and/or lower cross rail
  • 1 x sliding ring

It can be tricky to work out what you exactly need, so don’t hesitate to call 01709 432001 or email and we will be happy to help!

Are branded cafe barriers suitable for outdoors?

Yes, all of our café barriers are wind-resistant up to 15 miles per hour. They’re also fitted with a non-slip, non-marking base to ensure your floors aren’t damaged when moving your café barrier frames.



Buying Custom Cafe Barrier Banners

You can freshen up your current café barrier banners without purchasing all the barrier components. From only £22.43 per banner, café barrier banners are available single or double-sided in a range of B1 fire rated materials.

All pavement barrier banners are printed to the highest quality and made to suit upper and lower cross rails or bungee options.

Below is a table of each material with prices for ordering one 1.2 metre café barrier banner.

MaterialAvailable Single-Sided?PriceAvailable Double-Sided?Price
210gsm Display PolyesterYes with white on reverse£41.78Yes£70.00
230gsm Heavy Polyester MeshYes£41.78No-
300gsm PVC MeshYes with white on reverse£29.90No-
510gsm PVCYes with white on reverse£30.52Yes£46.52
750gsm PVC BannerNo-Yes with blackout layer to prevent show through£58.12

Which option you choose depends on the budget and look required. For a more premium feel, 750gsm, 210gsm display polyester or 230gsm heavy polyester are better options. If budget is more of a concern, then you can still enjoy great quality from 300gsm PVC mesh or 510gsm PVC.



Buying Cafe Barrier Components

Whether you’re looking to extend your cafe barrier system or need a replacement part, you can get an instant quote from us. Below is an overview of what components are available and what they’re used for.

1. Base & posts – from £47.32 per unit

These are the posts that your cafe barrier banners will attach to. The key component of your cafe barrier system, it’s important to choose a base that offers strength and sturdiness for your environment.

2. Cross rails – from £16.03 per unit

Cafe barrier system cross rails are metal poles which fix horizontally along the top and bottom of your cafe barriers. These are threaded through your cafe barrier banner and attached to each pole to create a rigid and wind-resistant pavement barrier. Cross rails are available 1.2, 1.5 or 1.8 metres in length.

3. Sliding Ring – from £5.36 per unit

A sliding ring attaches to your pole and is used to connect cross rails to your posts.

4. Bungee connector – from £2.43 per unit

If you are using bungee tether for the bottom of your cafe barrier system, you’ll need to add a bungee connector to your post to tie your bungee cord around

5. Bungee cords – from £1.59 per unit

Bungee cords thread through your cafe barrier banner eyelets and attach to each post using bungee connectors.

Cafe Barrier Design & Artwork

The best cafe and canvas barriers are simple in design and clearly identify your brand. Here are a three things to consider when designing custom cafe barriers:

  1. Use colours that complement your shopfront or branding
  2. Identify the optimal viewing distance for your banners and ensure your messaging is large enough to read
  3. If you have multiple cafe barrier banners, consider using different artwork and messaging for each one at no extra cost

Installing Branded Cafe Barriers

Do you need planning permission for cafe or pavement barriers

All councils have to make sure that the wider public’s right to use highways are not negatively affected. Highways include pavements, market places, footpaths and parking spaces. A public highway that contains tables and chairs for food and drink is known as a pavement café.

In general, councils are supportive of pavement cafes as they enhance enjoyment for the public. However, each local council will have their own set of guidelines. Some require you to apply for a pavement café licence, whilst others require you to get planning permission or listed building consent. These options are likely to involve fees.

A local council will sometimes assess the size and location of the area you plan to have a pavement cafe before giving you approval. If planning permission is required, you may be asked to submit a site plan.

Here’s what to consider when putting this plan together:

  • Building line
  • Kerb line
  • Proposed boundaries
  • Layout and dimensions of your cafe barrier system
  • Access points and dimensions
  • Days and times for trading
  • A copy of your Public Liability Insurance

How to install a cafe barrier system

Here’s a step-by-step guide for setting up a cafe barrier system or you can check out the video below.


  1. Screw the bolt into the base and use the spanner provide to tighten the nut tightening both sides at once
  2. Place the post onto the base and screw until tight – repeat steps for remaining posts
  3. Unpack your banner and insert cross rails into the upper and lower banner pockets
  4. Clip your upper cross rail to the left post and then onto the right post
  5. Fasten the lower cross rails to your posts using the bungee and bungee connector

How to position cafe barriers


You can lay out your cafe barrier system in any way that works best for you. Below are some ideas based on different amounts of cafe barriers purchased plus what materials you would need.

Image of a potential layout for a cafe barrier system Caption: Keep costs down while sectioning off a small section for cafe barriers
Example of how bar barriers can be used for queue management Caption: Use bar barriers to help manage queues and advertise to passersby
Create an outdoor eating area with canvas or alfresco barriers Caption: Use pavement barriers to create an outdoor eating area for your restaurant

Cafe Barrier Care Tips

How long do branded cafe barriers last

If cared for properly, cafe barriers can last for years. Here’s some tips to keep your branded cafe barriers looking like new:

1. Don’t leave them outside all of the time.

If your cafe pavement barriers are constantly exposed to wind, rain and other elements, they’re not likely to last as long. Store in a cool dry place when not in use.

2. Regularly clean your custom cafe barriers

Clean down your cafe barrier system to help prevent dirt and grime building up on your posts and cafe barrier banners.

3. Choose the right banner material for your location

If your canvas barriers are likely to be exposed to winds and rain, consider 300gsm PVC mesh for your cafe barriers. PVC mesh is 37% air permeable so will help prevent your cafe barriers from ripping or blowing over.

4. Freshen up your cafe barrier banners

Keep your pavement barriers looking fresh with new cafe barrier banners every six to twelve months. This gives you a great opportunity to advertise new promotions, products or services, too!

If you need any advice or support when it comes to cafe barriers, don’t hesitate to call 01709 432 001 or email

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