PVC & Mesh Banners

Banners – printed any size, any shape.

If you are planning to show at a big event, or require high branding visibility on a construction site, we have a PVC Mesh banner suitable for you. With the capability to UV print up to five metres wide, plus, thermal welding it enables us to make banners and continuous scrim to any shape or size. Whether you need just the one banner or many more, we can help you. We price all our PVC and Mesh banners by the square metre, regardless of finished size or quantity you require.  Strong and weather resistant, our outdoor long-term banners are ideal for reusing and displayed all year-round display.

Standard PVC mesh banner

300GSM Standard Mesh Pvc

Used for internal and external applications, ideal for printed banners and scrim where a see-through, air-permeable material is required.

Premium Mesh PVC banner

340GSM Premium Mesh Pvc

Larger air permeability and a higher tensile strength makes our 340gsm mesh the ideal material for large scale printed banners , scaffolding and building wraps.

Laminated PVC banner

44OGSM Laminated Pvc Banner

The most popular choice for general printed banner applications, suitable for short term advertising, events and exhibitions, used for internal and external applications.

Coated PVC Banner

44OGSM Coated Pvc Banner

Suitable for more long term printed banners , for internal and external use. smoother surface for crisper finished prints.

Coated PVC Banner 510GSM

51OGSM Coated Pvc Banner

Our premium, top quality material for maximum strength and image quality.

610gsm Coated Blockout PVC Banner

610GSM Coated Blockout Banner

Premium banner material, two layers of PVC with a central core to prevent show-through from reverse. ideal for single and double sided printed banners.