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Advertising Banner Printing

Banner Printing Materials

What material is used for printing banners?

Choosing the right material for your advertising banners impacts the appearance and longevity of your branding. Generally, there are three types of materials used for uk banner printing, with eco friendly banners also growing in popularity. Here’s a look at each type and who they’re most suitable for.

  1. Mesh Banners – ideal if your banner could be subjected to windy conditions. Available in PVC mesh or polyester, mesh banners are high quality, B1 fire rated and suitable for large banner printing.
  2. PVC Banners PVC banners are the most popular type of material for online banner printing and roller banners. Choose from 440gsm PVC, 510gsm Semi-coated PVC or 300gsm PVC Mesh.
  3. Fabric Banners – a premium, eco-friendly banner option offering a higher quality print. Choose from 100gsm warp knitted polyester or 210gsm display polyester.

Check out the table below for a comparison of all banner printing materials available:

MaterialShort or long term useSuited to outdoorsB1 Fire RatedSuited to large graphicsAir permeableMachine WashableEco Friendly
Semi-coated PVCBoth
PVC MeshBoth
Heavy Polyester MeshBoth
Polyester AirmeshBoth
Warp Knitted PolyesterBoth
Display PolyesterBoth

What material is best for an outdoor banner?

PVC mesh or polyester airmesh are the best options for outdoor banner printing. These materials are made with thousands of tiny holes to allow air to pass through. This prevents your printed banner from damage in windy conditions.


These holes also allow sunlight to pass through ensuring your advertising banner doesn’t fade or lose quality. They are hemmed and made with eyelets making them strong and easy to attach to your ideal location.

How quickly can a banner be made?

The typical turnaround for a custom printed banner is 7 working days from order to delivery. For more urgent custom banner printing, an express service is available on request. Simply get in touch for more details.

How much does it cost to make a banner?

Advertising and trade banners are available to suit every budget. Our cheap banner printing options are priced per square metre and available from £8.68. Discount banner printing prices include free finishing with upgrades available for a small additional fee. Delivery is free to the UK mainland on orders over £250.

Here’s some examples of the ex VAT price per unit when ordering 10 or more banners in different materials and sizes:

Banner Material3m x 1m4m x 1m3m x 1.5m4m x 1.5m 
PVC Mesh£29.11£38.81£43.66£56.83
Semi-coated PVC£31.12£41.50£46.68£60.76
Polyester Airmesh£36.04£48.05£54.05£70.69
Heavy Polyester Mesh£44.85£59.80£67.28£87.98
Warp Knitted Polyester£55.17£58.64£67.10£80.51
Display Polyester£94.35£102.00£114.75£137.70

Advertising Banner Sizes

How big is a normal banner?

In short, there is no ‘normal’ banner size. It all depends on the location and objectives of your advertising banner. However, there are some general sizing guides for different locations, check them out below!

Width x HeightUse case
4ft x 2ftIndoor promotions or logo printing
6ft x 3ftPortable yet substantial space for content
6ft x 4ftTrade shows, parties or store openings
8ft x 4ftOpen spaces, large crowds or parking lots
8ft x 20ftBuildings, construction sites or tall fences

Our custom banner printing accommodates all shapes and sizes including large banner printing. If you need any support or advice on the right size banner for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Can you do square banner printing?

Yes we can. From square banners to circle ones, we can custom print banners of any shape to suit your banner printing needs.

Banner Printing Finishes

Should I hem my banner?

Hemming on a banner is where a small amount of excess material is folded over and welded to itself to create a durable edge banner that prevents tearing. Welded hems are the strongest form of banner hemming giving your banner a much longer lifespan and reduced costs of repairs or replacements.
We recommend hemming your advertising banner if your banner is going to be attached using tie wraps, cables or similar. Without the strength of a hem, your printed banner is more susceptible to tearing, especially in outdoor weather.

What are holes in printed banners called?

The holes in banners are called eyelets or sometimes known as grommets. They’re typically made from rubber, plastic or metal and placed around the edges of your banner at either 25 or 50 centimetre intervals.

What is the difference between an eyelet and a grommet?

Eyelets are made of two rings that are pushed together to form a strong bond. Grommets are made the same but used with more heavy duty materials and are usually larger in size. For online banner printing, eyelets provide more than enough strength and durability.

Why do they put holes in printed banners?

Eyelets are used in banners to make it easy to secure your printed banner exactly where you want it. You simply feed tie wraps or cables through each eyelet and to the fence or fixture you’re attaching your advertising banner to.

How far apart should eyelets be placed on an advertising banner?

Typically eyelets should be placed every 60 to 90 centimetres along the edges of your printed banner. As standard, our eyelets are spaced 50 centimetres apart to provide a much more secure fit.

What are pole pockets on a banner?

A printed banner with pole pockets has sleeves that are welded or stitched allowing a pole to be pushed through. Pole pockets are typically positioned at the top and bottom of custom-printed banners and are an ideal option for banners that require hanging.

Pole pockets along the tops of advertising banners make them ideal for scaffold banners, lamp post banners and stage backdrops. Pockets along the bottom make it easy to add a weighted pole to ensure your banner is more taught.

Should you require pole pockets on your banner, feel free to give us a call or email

How to install & look after printed banners

Do you need planning permission to put up a banner?

You may need to apply for advertisement consent to erect a printed banner measuring more than 0.3 square metres on the outside of your house or business premises.

Temporary banners up to 0.6 square metres related to events, festivals or concerts may be displayed for a short period. Planning to put up large banner printing must adhere to five conditions. They must:

  1. Be safety compliant
  2. Be clean and tidy at all times
  3. Have permission from the owner of the site to be displayed
  4. Not obscure any office road, rail, aircraft or waterway signage
  5. Be taken down carefully where required by the planning authority

We recommend using the official government guidance for outdoor advertisements and signs if you have any questions or concerns.

How do you install a printed banner?

There are 3 ways to install a printed banner:

1. Eyelets and tie wraps

Loop your tie wraps through the eyelets and around your fence or fixture to secure your banner in place. The best way is to secure the top corner eyelets first and then the eyelet directly underneath it. Then work along the length of your advertising banner. We recommend loosely fastening your tie wraps at first until you’re happy with how your printed banner is positioned.

2. Eyelets, screws and washers

To attach a banner with eyelets to a wall, start by pre-drilling some holes in the wall you want to attach your advertising banner to. Tap wall plugs into these holes to create a secure fixing point. Use a washer above the eyelet and screw into your wall plug. The washer should pull your banner to the wall as you screw tighter.

3. Eyelets and bungee cords

Bungee cords are often used when attaching advertising banners to poles. They are slipped through eyelets and pulled to stretch around your post. You then push the ball at the end of the cord through the loop to secure it in place.

How long do printed banners last?

Printed banners should typically last between 3 to 5 years. However, this timescale can vary depending on the weather they’re exposed to, as well as how well they’re looked after.

Here are 3 ways you can make your advertising banner last longer:

  1. Ensure your banner is properly installed
  2. Regularly machine wash or hand clean (whichever is suited to your material)
  3. Remove, fold and transport carefully

How do I keep my advertising banner from sagging in the middle?

Printed banners can sometimes sag between eyelets if not installed properly. To prevent this from happening, you should begin securing your banner in one of the top corners and then work along the length of the banner until the adjacent corner is secured. This ensures the tension between each eyelet is tight enough to prevent your promotional banner from sagging.

Do promotional banners need wind slits?

If your printed banners are likely to be subject to windy conditions, a common misconception is that you should cut wind slits into your banner. We advise against this as slits can encourage your banner to prematurely rip and not last long in windy conditions.
When it comes to protecting your banner from wind, we recommend choosing polyester airmesh or PVC mesh advertising banners. These materials feature thousands of tiny holes that allow air to pass through, reducing the risk of your banner becoming damaged in windy conditions.

Custom Banner Printing Tips

What format do banners print?

Vector formats are always the better options for banner printing. These file types are PDF, SVG, EPS and AI. This is because vector formats are scalable without losing resolution (aka stops you getting a blurry printed banner!)
PNG and JPG files are the best image formats for banner printing but must be at least 50 dpi in resolution at print size.
If you need any support or advice with your artwork, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Should banner printing be RGB or CMYK?

CMYK is the correct colour system for custom printed banners. CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key. CMYK blends the colours in printed ink to create the desired colour, shade and hue for your printed banner design.
If you were to design a printed banner in RGB, your banner will not come out in the desired colours you’re looking for.
When sending over any artwork, please include any CMYK colour references to speed up the order process.

What Is The Best DPI For Banner Printing?

150 dpi is the best resolution for custom printed banners at full size. This resolution will ensure your advertising banner looks clear and vibrant. We recommend ensuring all logos and text are in vector format and your images are at least 50 dpi in resolution at full size.

If you need any free artwork support or have any questions about banner printing, don’t hesitate to call, email or use our live chat service.

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