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Eco-friendly Banners


Image of eco-friendly banners for Beardy Folk Festival
Image of eco-friendly banner for CityGrab
Closeup of 230gsm Heavy Polyester Mesh material
Image showing Monster Mesh USPs of artwork support, 10% price guarantee & free delivery
Image of eco-friendly banners and list of key benefits
Image of eco-friendly banners for Beardy Folk Festival
Image of eco-friendly banner for CityGrab
Closeup of 230gsm Heavy Polyester Mesh material
Image showing Monster Mesh USPs of artwork support, 10% price guarantee & free delivery


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Shop eco-friendly banners to advertise your brand in an environmentally friendly way. Made from 230gsm heavy polyester mesh, eco banners are strong, weather-resistant and 100% PVC-free. Eco banner printing provides a fade-resistant high-impact print perfect for capturing attention at events, construction sites and more. Eco-friendly banners are B1 fire-rated and finished with eyelets or pole pockets to suit your needs. Get in touch or use the price calculator below for an instant eco banner quote.


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Eco-friendly Banners

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Eco-friendly Banner Benefits

  • Sustainable way of advertising your brand
  • A simple way to reduce your environmental impact
  • Durable & weather-resistant
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
  • Finish with eyelets or pole pockets
  • B1 Fire Rated
  • Simple to install

Why Choose Eco Banner Printing?


Sustainable Banner Advertising

Advertise your brand whilst reducing your environmental impact. Sustainable banners are recyclable helping reduce the number of banners going to landfill. Environmentally friendly banners are a sustainable marketing tool that aligns with your company values.


PVC-Free Banner Material

Made from 230gsm heavy polyester mesh, eco banners are 100% PVC-free, fully recyclable and biodegradable. Strong, weather-resistant and B1 fire-rated, plastic-free banners are ideal for infoor and outdoor events.


Quality Eco Banner Printing

Eco-friendly banners are printed using water-based latex inks that contain no harmful chemicals. Latex printing offers a high-visibility print with a lower energy consumption during the manufacturing process.


Choice of Eco Banner Finishing

Recyclable banners come with a choice of two finishes:

1. Reinforced stitched hems with eyelets every 50cm – ideal if you have a frame or structure to attach your eco-friendly banner to.

2. Pole pockets every 10cm along the top and bottom edges – ideal for stage backdrops or where you have a pole or rail for your banner to slide onto.


Free Sustainable Banner Design

To create a sustainable banner, consider using a generic design that can be reused for multiple events. Rather than promoting specific events with dates and times on, advertise your brand & what you do.

If you need any support with your eco-banner design, we’re happy to help. Just call or email us with your enquiry.

Environmentally Friendly Banner Prices

Eco-friendly banners are priced per square metre with discounts on large banners and quantities. Below are some price breakdowns for square metre rates and some example prices for popular banner sizes.


Sustainable banner price per square metre

Square metresPrice per square metre (ex VAT)
1 - 4.99£17.25
5 - 24.99£15.53
25 - 49.99£14.95
50 - 99.99£14.66
100 - 199.99£14.09
200 - 299.99£13.51


Popular eco banner sizes & prices

Size (width x height)Price for 1 banner with eyelet finish (ex VAT)
3 metre x 1 metre£51.75
4 metre x 1 metre£69.00
3 metre x 1.5 metre£77.63
4 metre x 1.5 metre£93.15

All of our prices exclude VAT. For any trade eco banner prices or reseller enquiries, feel free to get in touch.


Enjoy free UK mainland delivery on all orders over £250. For orders under £250, there is a £17.50 delivery fee.

Delivery typically takes 7 working days. However, if you need your order urgently, get in touch and we will see what we can do for you.

Based in Ireland or Northern Ireland? Unfortunately, there is a surcharge for delivery. Contact us to get an estimate for your order.

Sustainable Banner Design


Using your own artwork?

Here are a few artwork guidelines that will help process your order much faster:

  • Images must be at least 50 dpi in resolution at print size
  • Ensure all logos and text are in vector format
  • Send over any CMYK colour references
  • Vector file formats accepted: PDF, SVG, EPS, AI
  • Image file formats accepted: PNG, JPG

If you’re not quite sure whether your files and/or assets are compatible, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.


Want us to design your eco banner?

We have a team of designers on hand to help you create the best eco banners possible. Just call or email us with your enquiry.


What is an eco-friendly banner?

It is estimated that up to 1.2 million PVC banners are produced every year. Of this total, we recycle less than 1%. That’s a lot of PVC being taken to landfill or burnt releasing harmful toxins into the environment. Eco-friendly banners are made with biodegradable materials and practices. This means they can be fully recycled without harming the environment.

Eco-friendly banners can also be referred to as recyclable banners, sustainable banners, eco banners, biodegradable banners, plastic-free banners and more!

Eco banners are growing in popularity as an alternative to the impact traditional PVC banners have on the environment. Printing equipment used to produce eco banners is designed to minimise energy consumption & reduce carbon footprint.

Environmentally friendly banners don’t compromise quality. Eco-friendly banners offer high-impact graphics to help advertise your brand, event or construction project.


What are the benefits of eco banner printing?

Eco banner printing is becoming more popular with businesses that want to become more sustainable. Sustainable banner printing offers the following 6 benefits:

  1. Reduces waste going to landfill or being burnt
  2. Helps reduce your carbon footprint
  3. Uses inks free of harmful chemicals
  4. Durable and long-lasting
  5. Aligns with your company’s sustainability values
  6. High-impact advertising for your event or brand

If you have any questions or want to know how eco-friendly banners compare to PVC banners, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Do eco-friendly banners cost more?

Eco-friendly banners do cost slightly more than traditional banner printing. However, the gap in cost isn’t as large as you might expect. Below is a table comparing the price per square metre rate of eco-friendly banner prices with other affordable banner materials.

Square metresEco-friendly
230gsm Heavy Polyester Mesh
115gsm Polyester Airmesh440gsm PVC
1 - 4.99£17.25£13.86£13.43
5 - 24.99£15.53£12.47£12.08
25 - 49.99£14.95£12.01£11.28
50 - 99.99£14.66£11.78£11.01
100 - 199.99£14.09£11.32£10.74
200 - 299.99£13.51£10.86£10.47


How long will eco-friendly banners last

Eco-friendly banners offer similar strength and durability to traditional banners. The lifespan of your eco banner is dependent on the conditions they’re exposed to and how well they’re cared for. To keep your sustainable outdoor banners looking great, clean any dirt or debris using a sponge and warm soapy water.


Are eco-friendly banners as good as a traditional banner?

Yes, it is. Environmentally friendly banners use a latex print process that offers a high-resolution finish that is sure to stand out. The inks used are water-based, meaning they don’t contain any harmful chemicals.


3 ways to recycle your eco-friendly banners

There are several ways you can recycle eco-friendly banners or even some traditional banner materials.

1. Recycling centres

Eco-friendly banners can be taken to your local recycling centre. Polyester fabrics are quite easy to recycle and reuse. However, more traditional banner materials such as PVC are most likely to head to landfill.


2. Re-use your banners

All banners are reusable so you can reduce your carbon footprint even with PVC, mesh or fabric banners. Below are some ideas for recycling your banners for other uses:

  1. Outdoor covers – PVC banners are waterproof, making them a good material for covering garden furniture
  2. Bag for life – if you’re feeling creative, you can create a strong & stylish bag for life with your old banner
  3. Floor covers – large PVC banners are great as groundsheets or floor covers for DIY tasks
  4. Table covers – protect your table from spillages, scratches or accidents with your old banner
  5. Playmats – use your banner as a playmat for arts, crafts and painting activities
  6. Temporary flooring – cover garage floors, horse stables and more. PVC banners in particular help reduce dust and are easy to clean


    3. Donate your banner

    You may not have the time to reuse your banner for other purposes but don’t want to throw it away. Check with local schools, clubs or nurseries to see if they can make use of them. They may have ideas on how they can use your banner and prevent it from going to landfill.


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