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Lamp Post Banners & Brackets


Image of lamp post banner on display for Cummins at Daventry
Image of lamp post banner stating "Lamp post banners from £41 - Enquire today"
Image of lamp post banner with Monster Mesh branding
Image of lamp post banner stating "Big up your vent or brand - Enquire today"
Closeup of 510gsm PVC material
Image showing Monster Mesh USPs of artwork support, 10% price guarantee & free delivery
Image of lamp post banner with list of key benefits
Image of lamp post banner on display for Cummins at Daventry
Image of lamp post banner stating "Lamp post banners from £41 - Enquire today"
Image of lamp post banner with Monster Mesh branding
Image of lamp post banner stating "Big up your vent or brand - Enquire today"
Closeup of 510gsm PVC material
Image showing Monster Mesh USPs of artwork support, 10% price guarantee & free delivery


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Promote your brand or event in city centres or along roads with lamp post banners. UV-printed, double-sided lamp post banners offer high-impact advertising from all directions.

Each twister bracket fits banners 78.5cm wide with a choice of three heights; 120cm, 150cm and 200cm tall. Lamp post banners are available in 510gsm or 750gsm PVC. Both materials are B1 fire-rated and offer great strength and durability for long-term indoor or outdoor use.

Shop brackets, lamp post banners or both – use the price calculator below or get in touch.


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Lamp Post Banners

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  • Capture attention at events, in city centres or on busy roads
  • Premium twister lamp post brackets withstand higher winds
  • Brackets meet EN40 wind-load regulations
  • Fits various lamp post diameters
  • Range of banner materials and sizes
  • High-impact UV print
  • Free artwork and design support
  • Easy to install

Lamp Post Banner Brackets

Premium twister lamp post banner brackets are made from durable cast aluminium and are made to withstand higher winds. Unlike other lamp post brackets, twister brackets will adjust with the wind to help reduce loading by up to 80%. This will help protect your lamp post banners from tearing or becoming tangled.

Twister lamp post banner brackets meet EN40 regulations regarding the maximum amount of wind-loading allowed on lamp post advertising. Each bracket accommodates lamp post banners up to 78.5 cm wide and up to 200 cm tall.

One set of lamp post banner brackets contains:

  • 2 x cast aluminium brackets with steel spring tension
  • 2 x aluminium sleeved fibreglass rods to fit your banner in position securely
  • 2 x large safety pins to locate twister arms
  • 2 x rubber gaskets to protect your lamp post and keep brackets securely in place
  • 6 x adjustable fixing bands to keep each bracket in place

Ideal for attaching to lamppost or flagpoles, twister brackets are designed to fit various post diameters. If you have any questions about lamp post banner brackets, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Lamp Post Banner Sizes & Materials

Twister lamp post banners are 78.5 centimetres wide and available in a choice of three heights; 120cm tall, 150cm tall or 200cm tall.

Lamp post banners are double-sided and UV printed on a soft, smooth PVC surface helping maximise the impact of your banner. Lamp or light post banners are B1 fire-rated and available in two PVC materials:

1. 510gsm PVC lamp post banners

Our most popular option for custom PVC banner printing, 510gsm PVC is strong, durable and a budget-friendly option compared to 750gsm PVC.

2. 750gsm PVC lamp post banners

A thicker, more premium option also used for scaffolding banners, 750gsm PVC will provide more strength against winds and have less chance of tearing or twisting.

Not sure which material to choose? Contact us with more details about your location and we’ll be happy to help.


Lamp Post Banner Prices

Lamp post banners are priced based on the quantity of brackets and banners ordered with discounts on larger quantities. Use the price calculator above or check out the tables below.

Lamp Post Banner Bracket Prices

No. of bracketsPrice per bracket
1 - 4£140
5 - 9£128
10 - 19£120.19
20 - 29£117


510gsm PVC Lamp Post Banner Prices

No. of banners78.5 x 120 cm
(width x height)
78.5 x 150 cm
(width x height)
78.5 x 200 cm
(width x height)
1 - 4£31.68£37.06£49.73
5 - 9£27.87£32.61£43.76
10 - 19£26.61£31.13£41.77
20 - 29£25.34£29.65£39.78


750gsm PVC Lamp Post Banner Prices

No. of banners78.5 x 120 cm
(width x height)
78.5 x 150 cm
(width x height)
78.5 x 200 cm
(width x height)
1 - 437.1343.4458.29
5 - 932.6738.2251.29
10 - 1931.1936.4948.96
20 - 2929.7034.7546.63


All of our prices exclude VAT.

For any trade or reseller price enquiries, feel free to call 01709 432001 or email


How to order Lamp Post Banners

To order lamp post banners, use the price calculator below or get in touch with the details below:

  1. Number of brackets required
  2. Number of banners required
  3. Banner material and size
  4. Artwork brief or files

We will then create your artwork and send over a proof of your design.

If you’re happy to go ahead, you’ll then receive a proforma that can be paid via card or bacs.

Once paid, you’ll typically receive your order within 7 working days. If you require your lamp post advertising banners sooner, please enquire about our express delivery service.



Enjoy free UK mainland delivery on all orders over £250. For orders under £250, there is a £15 delivery fee.

Delivery typically takes 7 working days. However, if you need your order urgently, get in touch and we will see what we can do for you.

Based in Ireland or Northern Ireland? Unfortunately there is a surcharge for delivery. Contact us to get an estimate for your order.

Artwork & Downloads


Using your own artwork?

Download our lamp post banner design templates below to help you get started.

  78.5cm wide x 120cm tall

  78.5cm wide x 150cm tall

  78.5cm wide x 200cm tall


Here are a few artwork checks that will help process your order much faster:

  • Images must be at least 50 dpi in resolution at print size
  • Ensure all logos and text are in vector format
  • Send over any CMYK colour references
  • Vector file formats accepted: PDF, SVG, EPS, AI
  • Image file formats accepted: PNG, JPG

If you’re not quite sure whether your files and/or assets are compatible, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to support.


Want us to design your lamp post banner?

We have a team of designers on hand to help you create the best lamp post banner advertising possible. Just call or email us with your brief.


What are lamp post banners?

Lamp post banners, made from 510gsm or 750gsm PVC, are effective banner advertising displays attached to street lamp posts. Made with twister brackets to reduce wind loading, lamp post banners offer durability and stability in adverse weather conditions. Printed double-sided, lamp post banner advertising offers maximised visibility, catching the attention of passers-by from multiple directions.

Designed for outdoor advertising, lamp post banners are used by businesses, event and festival organisers, and local authorities. UV-printed, lamp post banners are fade-resistant, maintaining visual appeal over time. 

By using quality materials and an effective double-sided design, lamp post banners effectively convey messages and promote events, products, or services to a broad audience, making them an indispensable asset in outdoor marketing campaigns.


What is the purpose of lamp post advertising?

Lamppost banner advertising is a powerful tool for business and event organisers, offering 6 key benefits:

1. Maximum Visibility

Lamppost banners are strategically placed in high-traffic areas, ensuring maximum visibility to a diverse audience of pedestrians and motorists.


2. Cost-effective

Compared to some traditional advertising channels, lamppost advertising is a cost-effective solution, providing a high return on investment for businesses with limited marketing budgets.


3. Enhanced Local Presence

Local businesses can strengthen their presence within the community by advertising on lampposts, helping create a stronger connection with the local audience.


4. Weather-resistant advertising

Crafted from durable materials like PVC and designed with weather-resistant features, lamppost banners endure various weather conditions, ensuring a long-lasting and effective advertising campaign.


5. Dual-Sided Impact

The double-sided design of lamppost banners maximises exposure, allowing messages and visuals to capture attention from both sides of the street.


6. Flexible Advertising Space

Lamppost advertising provides a flexible and adaptable space for promoting diverse content, from local events and festivals to business promotions.


Can you help with the design of my lamp post banner?

Yes, we can. We offer free artwork and design support to help create effective lamp post advertising banners. Simply give us a brief plus any relevant files and we’ll make your idea come to life. We always send over proofs to make sure you’re happy before going to print.


Lamp post banner design tips

When designing lamp post banners, put yourself in the situation of someone walking by. What would catch your attention? What would make them easy to read? What would entice you to take action?

Here are some top tips when it comes to lamp post banner design:

  1. Choose a banner size that doesn’t get lost on a lamp post
  2. Focus on one key message
  3. Use large easy-to-read fonts
  4. Keep text concise
  5. Choose contrasting colours that stand out
  6. Add contact details or a call to action

If you need any design support or have any artwork questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Can you install my lamp post banners?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer an installation service. However, lamp post banners are relatively simple to install. On average, it takes around 20 minutes to install one lamp post banner. Check out the installation tips and instructions below to help fit your lamp post advertising.

How to install a lamp post banner

Below are some step-by-step instructions to help you install your lamp post advertising:


1. Position your top bracket

Place the top bracket in the location you want and temporarily hold it in place with a bungee cord or tie wrap. Ensure the spring is above the arm on the top bracket.


2. Fix your top bracket in place

Use 3 fixing bands per bracket to secure them to the lamp post. Fix 2 bands through the top of the bracket and 1 through the bottom. Tighten the bands until they are secure and parallel to the edge of the bracket.

Remove your bungee cord or tie wrap once your bands are secured correctly.


3. Fit your banner to the top arm

Slide your banner onto one of the aluminium rods and fit the arm into the bracket. Ensure the holes on your rod and bracket line up. Put the safety pin through the hole and secure it on the other side.

Thread a tie wrap through the banner eyelet and the circular part of the safety pin. Cut off any excess tie wrap.


4. Set your bottom bracket position

Insert the rod into the bottom pocket of your banner and then into your bracket. Hold the bracket against the pole and mark where you want to install it.


5. Install your bottom bracket

Follow the instructions in steps 1 to 3. Unlike the top bracket, the bottom bracket should be positioned so the spring is below the arm.


6. Fit your banner to the bottom arm.

Insert the bottom arm into your banner and the bracket. Insert the safety pin through your bracket and tie wrap in place.

Your lamp post banner should have tension down the middle of the banner with both edges slightly loose.


Lamp post banner installation tips

Typically the load exerted on a lamp post in 50 mph winds is 63.42kg. Because of this, we recommend only installing one banner per lamp post. Advertising on both sides of the banner will double the windloading on your posts and fittings.

The higher your banner is fixed to the post, the greater the load will become so keep this in mind when installing your lamp post advertising. We recommend consulting a structural engineer to figure out whether the lamp post is strong enough to withstand the potential wind loading that comes with lamp post advertising.


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