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Hoarding Signage

ACM Dibond Hoardings 610 x 427-2

ACM (Dibond) Hoarding Panels

branded hoarding 3 610×427

PVC Foam Hoarding Panels

Why do you hoard a building site?

There are multiple benefits for using construction site hoardings. The first is public safety. Site hoarding boards separate the general public from your construction site to improve security and control access for your workers. Printed site hoardings are great for attracting public attention, too. You can print directly onto hoardings to advertise your brand, construction work, housing developments and more. You can even offer to advertise other brands on your hoarding signage to help generate extra revenue for your business.

What is the best material for hoarding signage?

We recommend choosing either Dibond or PVC Foam hoarding panels. Below is an overview of each material and the benefits they provide.

1. Dibond Hoarding Panels

Dibond is an aluminium composite material consisting of a plastic core between two aluminium faces. Dibond hoarding boards are 3mm thick and available with a laminated or unlaminated finish. Available from £67.10, these boards are well-suited to construction sites and property projects due to their enhanced durability.

2. Printed Foam PVC Hoarding Panels

PVC hoarding signage is a cost-effective hoarding option for indoor events or short-term outdoor projects. From £45.85, these hoarding panels are available in 3mm or 5mm thickness with a laminated or anti-graffiti finish available on request.

Do my hoardings boards need a laminate finish?

Our hoarding boards can be supplied with an unlaminated or laminated finish. A matte or gloss finish will provide a better look and increased durability for your hoardings. An anti-graffiti laminate will also prevent your hoardings becoming ruined by vandals.

Does anti-graffiti hoarding laminate work?

Anti-graffiti laminate won’t prevent your hoarding being defaced. However, the coating will allow a suitable cleaner such as IPA (Isopropanol) and a soft cloth to remove permanent marker or spray paint.

How tall should hoarding boards be?

As standard, hoarding panels are 2440mm tall by 1200mm wide. This is typically the standard height for construction sites but there may be circumstances where you need a taller hoarding board than this. For example, if there are areas where climbing the hoardings could be easier, it may be worth making the hoardings taller to prevent unauthorised access. If you need taller hoarding signage, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

How thick are hoarding panels?

The thickness of hoarding boards is dependent on the type of hoardings chosen. Dibond hoarding panels are 3mm thick, while PVC foam hoarding panels are available in 3mm or 5mm thickness. Thicker panels will increase the durability and strength of your hoardings.

How heavy are hoarding panels?

Dibond hoarding panels are typically around 4 kilograms while PVC foam panels are lighter in weight at around 3 kilograms per panel.

How many panels will I need?

The number of panels you need depends on the area you need to cover. Here’s a calculation to figure out the number of panels you would need.

  • Area to cover (Linear metres) / Panel width = Number of boards needed
  • 10 linear metres / 1.2 metres = 8.33 panels (round up to 9)

In the example above, you would order 9 panels and cut one to size.

We appreciate this can be tricky to work out so feel free to give us a call and we’ll help you get your hoarding signage right.

How much does construction site hoarding cost?

The cost of construction site hoarding panels depends on the type of hoarding panels used. The price depends on the hoarding board material and quantity required. Our Dibond hoarding panels are available from £67.10 each while our PVC foam panels start from £47.50.

What are headers and kickers of hoarding?

Headers and kickers are frames that sit along the top and bottom of hoardings and have three key benefits:

  1. Hide unsightly steps in hoarding signage used on steep inclinations
  2. Protect hoarding signage from any bumps or dirt from the floor or passers by
  3. Help add security to hoardings by acting as a deterrent to potential climbers

We can supply headers and footers to match your printed hoarding signage, get in touch for more details.

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