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Event Banners


Image of event banner promoting Cannon Run
Image of event banners for Connected exhibition
Image of event banner for the band Keywest
Image of event banner for Wembley Stadium
Closeup of 115gsm Polyester Airmesh material
Closeup of 210gsm Display Polyester material
Closeup of 300gsm PVC Mesh material
Closeup of 440gsm PVC material
Closeup of 510gsm PVC material
Image showing Monster Mesh USPs of artwork support, 10% price guarantee & free delivery
Image of event banners and list of key benefits
Image of event banner promoting Cannon Run
Image of event banners for Connected exhibition
Image of event banner for the band Keywest
Image of event banner for Wembley Stadium
Closeup of 115gsm Polyester Airmesh material
Closeup of 210gsm Display Polyester material
Closeup of 300gsm PVC Mesh material
Closeup of 440gsm PVC material
Closeup of 510gsm PVC material
Image showing Monster Mesh USPs of artwork support, 10% price guarantee & free delivery


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Shop event banners to capture attention, generate interest or guide attendees at schools, festivals, trade shows and more. Event banner printing is available in a range of B1 fire-rated materials and finishes to suit your needs and budget. Durable, weather-resistant and easy to install, custom event banners are ideal for indoor or outdoor events. Plus, get free artwork and design support should you need it. Use the price calculator below for an instant quote or feel free to get in touch.


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Event Banners

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  • Increase event attendance & success
  • Choice of 5 materials perfect for events
  • Durable & weather-resistant
  • B1 fire rated
  • Free artwork & design support
  • Easy to install

Why choose our Event Banners?


Get more attendees or display event information

Use banners before your event to encourage passers-by to sign up or buy tickets. Or use custom banners to signpost guests to facilities or event offers. Custom event banners are full-colour printed to the highest quality ensuring your banners really stand out.


Range of event banner materials & finishes

Event banner printing is available in a choice of 5 B1 fire-rated materials suited to your event and budget. Check out the “Event Banner Materials” section below to find out which material is best for you. All materials are available with an eyelet or pole pocket finish making it easier to install your event banners.


Any shape or size to suit you

Event banner printing is available in any size or shape to suit you. Whether you’re looking for a small banner, stage backdrop or large event banner, you’ll enjoy great strength and durability.


Easy event banner fitting

Made with eyelets every 50cm, event banners are easy to install at your indoor or outdoor event. Where possible, always use tie wraps or bungee cables to securely install your event banners. For solid walls, use wall screws to fix your event banners in place. Always attach the top corner of your banner first, then work along the length of your banner for a secure fit.


Free design support

Enjoy free design and artwork support to help create a custom event banner that stands out. Feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Event Banner Materials

Choose from 5 different banner printing materials suited to indoor or outdoor event advertising including mesh, PVC or fabric banners.

1. Polyester Airmesh Event Banners (115gsm)

Airmesh is lightweight and 54% air permeable making it a great choice for outdoor events or advertising. Airmesh banners are dye sublimation printed and offer a 90% show-through on the reverse of your banner. Machine washable and B1 fire-rated, airmesh banners are ideal for multiple events or long-term use.

2. Display Polyester Event Banners (210gsm)

Slightly thicker than airmesh, display polyester offers a soft-touch finish and a more impactful print. Eco-friendly and B1 fire-rated, display polyester is more suited to indoor events and stage backdrops.

3. PVC Mesh Event Banners (300gsm)

PVC Mesh is strong, durable and 37% air permeable making it an ideal choice for indoor or outdoor banners. PVC mesh is a popular choice for hanging displays, backdrops and scaffolding.

4. PVC Event Banners (440gsm)

Ideal for short-term event advertising, PVC features a super smooth surface that allows your design to pop. Unlike PVC mesh or Airmesh, PVC event banners aren’t air permeable. In outdoor locations, PVC banners will experience higher wind loads and have more chance of becoming damaged.

5. Semi-coated PVC Event Banners (510gsm)

Semi-coated PVC is thick, strong and durable. Featuring a smooth print surface, your event banner is sure to stand out. Semi-coated PVC is ideal for long-term use indoors or in mild outdoor locations.


Event Banner Finishes

As standard, event banners come with eyelets positioned every 50 centimetres around the edge of your banner. However, you can choose from the two finish options below:

1. Hemmed with eyelets every 50cm

A hemmed finish offers strength around your eyelets. This will help prevent them from being ripped away from your banner material in windy conditions.

2. Pole pockets every 10cm along the top and bottom

Choose pole pockets if you have a pole or rail to slide your banner on. Pole pockets are a popular option for exhibition or stage backdrops.

Event Banner Prices

Event banner printing is priced per square metre with discounts based on larger sizes. Check out the price tables below for a breakdown of prices for different event banner materials.


PVC Event Banners price per square metre

Square metres300gsm PVC Mesh440gsm PVC510gsm Semi-Coated PVC
1 - 4.99£13.58£13.43£14.53
5 - 24.99£12.22£12.08£13.07
25 - 49.99£11.40£11.28£12.20
50 - 99.99£11.13£11.01£11.91
100 - 199.99£10.86£10.74£11.62
200 - 299.99£10.59£10.47£11.33


Mesh Event Banners price per square metre

Square metres115gsm Polyester Mesh300gsm PVC Mesh
1 - 4.99£13.86£13.58
5 - 24.99£12.47£12.22
25 - 49.99£12.01£11.40
50 - 99.99£11.78£11.13
100 - 199.99£11.32£10.86
200 - 299.99£10.86£10.59


Fabric Event Banners price per square metre

Square metres210gsm Display Polyester
1 - 4.99£25.50
5 - 24.99£22.95
25 - 49.99£22.10
50 - 99.99£21.68
100 - 199.99£20.83
200 - 299.99£19.98

All of our prices exclude VAT. For any trade eco banner prices or reseller enquiries, feel free to get in touch.



Enjoy free UK mainland delivery on all orders over £250. For orders under £250, there is a £17.50 delivery fee.

Delivery typically takes 7 working days. However, if you need your order urgently, get in touch and we will see what we can do for you.

Based in Ireland or Northern Ireland? Unfortunately, there is a surcharge for delivery. Contact us to get an estimate for your order.

Event Banner Design & Artwork


Using your own artwork?

Here are a few artwork guidelines that will help process your order much faster:

  • Images must be at least 50 dpi in resolution at print size
  • Ensure all logos and text are in vector format
  • Send over any CMYK colour references
  • Vector file formats accepted: PDF, SVG, EPS, AI
  • Image file formats accepted: PNG, JPG

If you’re not quite sure whether your files and/or assets are compatible, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.


Want us to design your event banner?

We have a team of designers on hand to help you create the best event banners possible. Just call or email us with your inquiry.


Why use event banners?

Custom event banners offer two benefits for your event or exhibition.

1. Before your event

Event banners will raise awareness of your event and increase enquiries and attendees. Putting event banners up in the build-up to your event is a great way of building excitement and providing details for passers-by. Custom banners, lamp post banners and scaffold banners are great options for event promotion.

2. At your event

Event banner printing can be used to engage with attendees at your event, exhibition or festival. Banners can be used to prevent unauthorised access or to direct attendees to toilets, restaurants or other facilities. Event banners are also a great way to tell attendees more about your brand, products or offers. Custom banners, roller banners and feather flags are great tools for increasing engagement with your event guests.

What size are event banners?

Custom event banners are available in any size or shape to suit you. If you’re not sure what event banner size you need, check out the table below for a general guide.

Width x height (metres)Use Case
1.2m x 0.6mIndoor events or logos
1.8m x 0.9mGive you more space for banner content
1.8m x 1.2mStore openings or parties
2.4m x 1.2mLarge banners for events or parking lots
3m x 2.3m Exhibitions or stage backdrops


How much does an event banner cost?

The cost of your event banner depends on the size, material and finish you choose. Find a breakdown of prices for ordering one banner with an eyelet finish in the sizes and materials below.

Material2m x 1m
(width x height)
3m x 1m
(width x height)
3m x 2m
(width x height)
115gsm Polyester Mesh£27.72£41.58£74.84
210gsm Display Polyester£44.94£67.41£121.34
300gsm PVC Mesh£27.15£40.72£73.30
440gsm PVC£26.85£40.28£72.50
510gsm Semi-Coated PVC£29.05£42.58£78.44

 For the most budget-friendly banner materials, check out our affordable banner printing.

How long do event banners last?

Event banners should typically last between 3 to 5 years. However, this is dependent on:

  • How well they’re installed
  • How well they’re looked after
  • What weather conditions they’re exposed to

 To make your event banners last longer, follow the 3 tips below:

  1. Temporarily take them down in high winds
  2. Regularly clean your banners from dirt or debris
  3. Carefully fold and transport your banners is being used at multiple locations

5 Event banner design tips

When designing your event banner, you should consider how far you want your banner to be readable. Use the tips below to create an event banner that is visible to more passers-by:

  1. Contrasting colours – striking colours will capture more attention than subtle colours. Plus, it will make your advertising easier to read.
  2. Larger text – using bigger and bolder text will help your banners be seen and read from a distance.
  3. Upper and lower case fonts – Sentence case text draws more attention and is easier to read than capital letters. e.g. “Event Now On” rather than “EVENT NOW ON”.
  4. Easy-to-read fonts – fancy fonts may look nicer but they’re harder to read than simple bold fonts.
  5. Less is more – focus on one key message rather than cramming lots of information on your banner. The best banners are always simple and to the point. Ideally, your banner needs to be readable in 3 seconds or less.

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