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Monster Mesh proudly supports Andys Man Club

Jul 6, 2023 | News

Here at Monster Mesh, we’re proud to announce our new partnership with Andys Man Club to raise awareness of men’s mental health in construction and other industries.

Andys Man Club are a suicide prevention charity for men. They offer free support groups across the UK and online. They aim to end the stigma around men’s mental health through the power of conversation.

There were 507 reported suicides by construction workers in 2021. A figure which is 507 too many.

We’re teaming with them to raise awareness of men’s mental health in the construction industry.


How are we supporting men’s mental health awareness?


To help encourage construction workers that it’s okay to talk, we’ve teamed with Andys Man Club to create a Heras Fence Cover that is free for anyone who orders over 10 PVC or Airmesh or Heavy Duty Heras fence covers. Alternatively, if you just want to buy an Andys Man Club cover, you can at a discounted rate of £25 per cover.

We’re hoping that this will see Andys Man Club banners on display across the country. There are two designs to choose from; design 1 is for construction brands and features a scannable QR code to find and attend your nearest club should anyone need it. Design 2 doesn’t have a focus on construction, making it ideal for a range of other industries and events.


Free Heras Fence Cover – Design 1


Andys Man Club Heras fence cover design to raise mental health awareness in construction industry

Receive the fence cover above for free when you order 10 or more Heras fence covers


Free Heras Fence Cover – Design 2


Design 2 mockup of Andys Man Club Heras fence cover

A perfect addition to your event or site to help raise mental health awareness


Get an Andys Man Club Crowd Barrier Cover


After the success of our initiative in 2023, we’re keen to raise even more awareness in 2024. To help encourage more people to talk, we’ve extended our initiative to our crowd barrier covers.

Buy 10 or more Premium Crowd Barrier Covers and receive an Andys Man Club cover, absolutely free. Similar to Heras fence covers, you can buy Premium AMC barrier covers for just £25 each.

Available in two designs, we hope to get more Andys Man Club barrier covers seen at sites and events across all industries.


Design 1 mockup of Andys Man Club crowd barrier cover

Help raise mental health awareness at your next event!


How long does this initiative last?


We believe that men’s mental health should be supported all year round so this offer will be available indefinitely.



Every day should be Mental Health Awareness Day


Here’s what Lucas at Andys Man Club had to say about this initiative:

We are delighted to be part of Monster Mesh’s initiative to reduce the harrowing and alarming rate of suicide within the UK Construction Industry. Andys Man Club groups are a tangible location where men can go and open up about the issues they face in life. Whether it is a bad day at work or trauma from 20-30 years ago, no problem is too big or too small to be discussed at an Andys Man Club session.

Construction is a male-dominated industry, and we know that these environments can be a particularly difficult place for men to open up about the issues they face in life. It is important that there is an awareness of the help that is out there away from the workplace, Andys Man Club is a perfect location for men to get things off their chest.



It’s okay to talk


At Monster Mesh, we believe it’s just wrong for people to struggle alone. Mark McLennan, founder of Monster Mesh says:

We proudly support Andys Man Club in ending the stigma surrounding men’s mental health. We’re close to the construction industry and want to make more men aware that it’s okay to talk.

With support groups online and across the country, Andys Man Club was the perfect partner to change lives through the power of conversation.



Our work with Andys Man Club and Supergood are just the start of our mission to raise mental health awareness. Stay tuned for more information over on our blog.


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