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Top 5 Merchandise Ideas for Events

Jun 13, 2024 | News

With so many merchandise ideas for events, it can take time to decide which to choose. Choosing the best event giveaways can make a significant impact on your brand’s visibility and memorability. Your event giveaway must align with your brand values, target customer and budget.

This guide covers the 5 best merchandise ideas for events based on research and statistics. Find giveaway ideas for trade shows, exhibitions and conferences and their estimated costs.

Image of a custom branded hand sanitiser event giveaway

Follow our top tips for the best merchandise ideas for events


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Giveaway Idea 1. Reusable Water Bottles


Reusable water bottles are practical and environmentally friendly, aligning with the growing trend of sustainability. They are often carried around, providing excellent exposure for your brand. Research indicates that 55% of UK exhibition attendees prefer reusable water bottles.

  • Impact: By providing attendees with reusable water bottles, you promote hydration and eco-consciousness, ensuring your brand is associated with positive environmental values.
  • Cost: £5-£15 per bottle, depending on material and design


Giveaway Idea 2. USB Drives


USB drives are a popular event giveaway idea. USBs are useful for data storage and transfer. You can also preload each USB with information about your company and services. 50% of UK exhibition attendees still like USBs as a promotional giveaway.

  • Impact: USB drives ensure your brand stays with attendees beyond the event, as they continue to use them for various purposes.
  • Cost: £3-£10 per drive, depending on storage capacity.


Giveaway Idea 3. Tote Bags


Tote bags are practical accessories for carrying event materials, groceries, and everyday items, ensuring frequent use by attendees. Tote bags continue to grow in popularity as an event giveaway with 58% of consumers preferring bags and totes.

  • Impact: Branded tote bags provide ongoing exposure for your brand as attendees use them in their daily lives, promoting brand recognition and visibility.
  • Cost: £2-£8 per bag, depending on material and customisation options.


Image of a Monster-Mesh branded tote bag

Tote bags are practical for your event guests and offer ongoing brand exposure


Giveaway Idea 4. Power Banks


Power banks are essential for keeping attendees’ devices charged, ensuring they stay connected throughout the event. They offer peace of mind and convenience for attendees, who often rely heavily on their devices during events. Power banks are a more costly promotional giveaway but can make you stand out at a trade show.

  • Stats: 45% of UK exhibition attendees prefer power banks as event giveaways.
  • Impact: Offering power banks demonstrates your brand’s commitment to attendee convenience and ensures your brand remains visible during crucial moments.
  • Cost: £10-£30 per power bank, depending on capacity and features.


Giveaway Idea 5. Pens


Although they’re not the most glamorous event giveaway, pens are useful and likely to be used after your event. They are effective tools for brand exposure, as they are often shared among peers. Sometimes the simple promotional freebies are the most effective.

  • Stats: Research indicates that 63% of UK consumers prefer pens and writing instruments as promotional items.
  • Impact: Branded pens offer a cost-effective way to maintain brand visibility, as they are often shared and used daily by recipients.
  • Cost: £0.50-£2 per pen, depending on material and customisation options.



Best Trade Show Giveaways


Trade shows are bustling hubs of activity, making it essential to stand out from the crowd. Here are the top 3 trade show giveaway ideas tailored for trade shows:


1. Bluetooth Speakers


Bluetooth speakers engage tech-savvy attendees, offering entertainment and enhancing booth appeal. They create an immersive experience that draws attention to your brand.

Cost: £10-£50 per speaker, depending on sound quality and features.


2. Wireless Earbuds


Wireless earbuds appeal to attendees seeking modern, high-tech gadgets, ensuring your brand stands out. They offer a personal and immersive audio experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Cost: £20-£80 per pair, depending on sound quality and brand reputation.


3. Smart Tags (Bluetooth Item Finders)


Smart tags provide practicality and uniqueness, ensuring attendees remember your brand for its usefulness. They offer a solution to a common problem, enhancing attendee satisfaction.

Cost: £5-£20 per tag, depending on functionality and design.



Exhibition Gift Ideas


Exhibitions offer ample opportunities for brand exposure. Here are the top 3 exhibition giveaway ideas to make a lasting impression:


1. Mini Plant Kits


Mini plant kits offer a unique and eco-friendly giveaway, aligning your brand with sustainability and growth. They create a memorable and positive association with your brand.

Cost: £3-£15 per kit, depending on plant type and packaging.


2. Multi-Tool Gadgets


Multi-tool gadgets provide versatility and utility, reinforcing your brand’s practical value. They offer a solution to various everyday tasks, ensuring frequent use and brand visibility.

Cost: £5-£25 per gadget, depending on functionality and quality.


3. Phone Accessories


Enhance attendees’ experience with their devices using phone accessories, ensuring frequent use and brand visibility. They offer convenience and customisation options, catering to individual preferences.

Cost: £2-£10 per accessory


Image of a smartphone placed on a wireless charger

Guests will come to your stand for useful phone accessories



Best Conference Giveaways


Conferences provide a platform for networking and professional development. Here are the top 3 conference gift ideas:


1. Customized Notebooks


Keep your brand visible during and after the conference with customised notebooks, ideal for note-taking and personalised for a special touch.

Cost: £3-£10 per notebook, depending on size and customisation options.


2. Coffee Cups


Keep your brand at the forefront of conference breaks. Reusable coffee cups are a conference giveaway idea that provides a constant reminder of your brand.

Cost: £5-£15 per cup, depending on material and design.


3. Stress-relief items


Stress-relief items such as stress balls and fidget spinners are cool conference giveaways that are used in an office environment. They also promote relaxation and mental well-being, enhancing the reputation of your brand.

Cost: £1-£5 per item, depending on type and material.


Image of a man holding a fidget spinner

Build your brand presence in offices with stress relief conference giveaways



More Ideas for Promotional Items


1. Free Samples


Free samples allow attendees to experience your product firsthand, creating a memorable and positive impression. They offer a tangible demonstration of your product’s quality and value, increasing the likelihood of future purchases.

At previous events, we’ve taken fence cover, barrier cover and custom banner samples to show the quality of our materials.

Cost: Variable, depending on the product and quantity.


Image of material samples used for event giveaways

Free sample giveaways showcase your product quality


2. Hand Sanitisers


Hand sanitisers ensure hygiene and cleanliness, suitable for any event where health is a concern. They offer a practical solution to prevent the spread of germs, enhancing attendee safety and comfort.

Cost: £1-£5 per sanitiser, depending on size and packaging.


3. Foldable Straws


Ideal for eco-conscious events, reinforcing a commitment to sustainability. They offer a practical solution to reduce single-use plastic waste, aligning with environmentally conscious attendees.

Cost: £2-£10 per straw



By choosing promotional items that align with your event theme, target audience, and brand values, you can maximise your impact and leave a memorable impression on attendees. Whether it’s practicality, sustainability, or innovation, the right promotional item can help you stand out and make a lasting impression at your next event.

For other ways to make your brand stand out at events or trade shows, check out our range of event banners, roller banners, feather flags and more. If you need any support or advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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