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Benefits of using a PVC Banner

Jul 19, 2019 | News

If you’re a small business looking to promote your organisation locally, a PVC banner could be the ideal marketing solution. Even for larger companies, there are many benefits of using a PVC banner.


Unlike a lot of other marketing options, PVC banners are suitable for small budgets. When you’re considering where to invest your budget, price is not the only factor. You’ll also need to think about return on investment (ROI). With a PVC banner, the versatility and durability means you could use them all year round or keep them to promote annual events without having to replace your banners.


PVC banners are great for local advertising purposes, and small businesses such as cafes and small retail shops can use them for attracting customers locally. But they are also ideal for promoting events, showing achievements or displaying a message.


Along with their versatility, PVC banners also have the advantage of being portable. This means they are easier to store and transport than many other promotional materials and can also be put up or taken down quickly. Being so easily transportable, PVC banners can be used by traders or companies who travel with their business. Touring theatre groups, mobile cafes and stall traders are good examples of the type of businesses who would benefit from a portable marketing solution, along with companies who attend seasonal events or business exhibitions.

Unlimited placement

With some promotional displays, you’re limited as to where you can actually place them. PVC banners can be displayed almost anywhere inside and out as they’re easy to attach to railings, fences, walls or install as part of an exhibition stand.

Design options

PVC banners are ideal for printing your custom design with your choice of colours, fonts and images. Plus, banners come in various finishes, shapes and sizes depending on your application. With Monster Mesh, you can also benefit from our free artwork and design service to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need from your banners.

Who might need a PVC banner?

While the benefits of using a PVC banner might appeal to small local businesses, it doesn’t mean larger organisations can’t use them too. Supermarkets or large retail stores might use PVC banners to display their latest offers or promote specific products. Schools, charities construction sites or event organisers can also benefit for all the same reasons discussed above.

In summary, PVC banners are the best option for many different businesses from a small local charity advertising a fundraising event to large retail stores promoting a sale because their combination of affordability, unlimited design options and durability makes them a great all-rounded that is unrivalled when it comes to sourcing the right promotional materials.

Are you currently using promotional displays that aren’t working for your business? Or maybe this is your first time thinking about local advertising. Whatever your needs, we can help find the solution for you! Get in touch on 01709 432001