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Crowd Control Barriers: Everything You Need To Know

Mar 12, 2024 | News

Crowd control barriers are hugely popular for managing crowds and keeping people safe at concerts, events and construction sites. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about crowd barriers including uses, dimensions, suppliers and everything in between.

Image of crowd control barriers used for Brand Leisure Park

Read on to discover uses, sizes and suppliers of crowd barriers


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What are crowd control barriers?

Crowd control barriers are metal barriers used to manage crowds or prevent access to prohibited areas. Typically made from steel, crowd barriers can be connected to help create perimeters or queues at events or construction sites. Many events and sites use custom crowd barrier covers with event information or instructions to help manage crowds more effectively. 

Crowd control barriers are also known as crowd control barricades, pedestrian barriers, ped barriers or pedestrian fencing barriers. All of these products are the same and serve the same purpose.



Why use crowd control barriers

Crowd control barriers are used at construction sites and events such as concerts, football games and more. The primary role of crowd barriers is to keep pedestrians safe. They achieve this in five ways:

  1. Help manage the flow of crowds or queues to prevent overcrowding
  2. Shield pedestrians from potential hazards
  3. Prevent unauthorised access
  4. Create designated areas for event crowds
  5. Ensure emergency exits and pathways remain clear

Below are the three most popular situations where crowd barriers are used:


1. Events, Festivals & Concerts

Concert crowd control barriers are used to keep crowds safe at both indoor and outdoor events. Barriers are typically used to create zones for the audience, staff or security. Festival crowd control barriers are lightweight and easy to install, making it faster to organise your festival

Image of event crowd control barriers used at Chessington World

Event crowd control barriers are a great way to direct crowds and queues


2. Football Matches

Football crowd control barriers are used to direct pedestrians around the surrounding areas of stadiums. Met police barriers are often used for crowd control at football stadiums due to their greater stability and security.

Crowd control barricades can be used at football matches to:

  • manage queues for entry, food and tickets
  • direct crowds heading towards stadiums
  • prevent access to unauthorised areas
  • help segregate different sets of fans
Image of football crowd barriers used at Wembley stadium for the Women's Finalissima

Football crowd barriers help create fan zones to keep attendees safe


3. Construction Sites

Construction site pedestrian barriers are portable, making them a great temporary solution for sites. Temporary pedestrian barriers are used on construction sites to:

  • prevent unauthorised access
  • protect pedestrians and workers from site debris
  • direct pedestrians around works



Types of crowd barriers

Standard crowd safety barriers typically measure 2.3 or 2.5 metres wide and come in a choice of two leg types:


1. Loose Leg Crowd Control Barriers

Loose-leg crowd barriers are typically made from steel tubing without feet attached making them easy to store and transport. Barrier feet are usually purchased separately with flat steel feet or composite rubber feet being popular options.

For one barrier, you will need to order two feet. To create a run of barriers, you will need to order one more foot than the number of barriers you’re using. For example, if you’re creating a run of 5 barriers, you will need to order 6 feet. Each barrier foot has holes to slot each loose leg crowd safety barrier into securely.

Image of loose leg crowd control barriers with metal feet

Loose-leg barriers are slightly cheaper compared to fixed-leg crowd barriers


2. Fixed Leg Crowd Control Barriers

Fixed-leg crowd control barriers are typically made from the same materials as loose-leg crowd barriers. The key difference is that fixed-leg crowd control barriers are permanently attached to the barrier making them easier to order and assemble.

Image of fixed-leg pedestrian barriers at a construction site

Fixed-leg crowd control barriers come with feet attached helping speed up installation


3.  Met Police Barriers

Police barriers are another type of crowd control barrier used to help manage the flow of pedestrians. Met barriers are used at festivals, concerts and football matches to provide security and safety for large numbers of pedestrians. 

Unlike fixed or loose-leg crowd barriers, met police barriers have a mesh infill which makes it more difficult to reach through or climb over. The base of a police barrier is designed to provide great stability, making accidental tripping very unlikely.

The interlocking system of police barricades means they cannot be dismantled from the middle of your fencing. Police barriers must be dismantled starting at one end and making your way to the other. This helps prevent anyone from removing sections from your system and gaining unauthorised access.

Image of police barriers used for Euro 2020

Police barriers are a popular choice for festivals, concerts and football matches



Fixed-leg crowd barriers vs loose-leg crowd barriers

Both options are made with easy slot-together brackets making them quick and simple to install and transport. Below is a quick guide on which type of crowd barrier to choose based on what you’re looking for:


Which is budget-friendly?

Although loose-leg crowd barriers are slightly cheaper, you will have the additional expense of purchasing metal or rubber feet. With fixed-leg crowd control barriers, you will just need to purchase the barriers only. Below is a breakdown of what one pedestrian barrier could cost from Hermeq.


Cost per barrier
(ex VAT)
Cost of 2 metal feet needed per barrier
(ex VAT)
Cost of 2 rubber feet needed per barrier
(ex VAT)
Crowd Barriers
Crowd Barriers


Which is safer?

Fixed-leg crowd barrier legs do stick out slightly increasing the chances of pedestrians tripping over. A loose leg has a low-profile foot which reduces the chances of any accidents taking place.


Which is better for soft ground?

If you’re using pedestrian barriers at events which are held on grass, a fixed leg barrier is more likely to sink into soft ground. Flat or rubber feet on loose leg barriers will prevent barriers from sinking and becoming a safety hazard at your event.



What are pedestrian crowd control barriers made from?

Pedestrian barriers are typically made from galvanised steel and powder coated to offer a range of colour finishes including green, black, red, blue, yellow and white. Metal crowd barriers are made from one long tubular frame. This reduces the number of welding points and increases the strength of your crowd barrier.

The top of the frame is punched with infill bars slotting into each hole and welded in place. Galvanised barriers are lightweight yet durable so they’ll stay in great condition even after multiple uses.

When buying steel crowd barriers, look for:

  1. a gauge of at least 1mm thick
  2. as few welds as possible

The weakest points on a barrier are where metal is welded together. Fewer welds and a thicker gauge enhance durability and reduce the chances of barriers breaking.



Pedestrian Barrier Dimensions

When measuring pedestrian barrier dimensions, the key measurement you need is the total width between hooks on each side of the barrier. This measurement is likely to be either 2.3 or 2.5 metres wide. Knowing this will help you choose the right size crowd barrier covers for a secure fit.


Loose-leg Pedestrian Barrier Size Dimensions

Below are the typical dimensions of a loose-leg crowd control barrier. Please note that your pedestrian barrier size may vary depending on the supplier.


2.3-metre crowd barriers2.5-metre crowd barriers
Total height1.1 metre1.1 metre
Width (with hooks included)2.3 metre2.5 metre
Width (without hooks included)2.2 metre2.4 metre
Height between top & bottom bars90 centimetre90 centimetre
Distance between infill bars10 centimetres10 centimetres
Typical Tubular diameter3.8 centimetres3.8 centimetres
Distance from bottom bar to floor19 centimetres19 centimetres
Typical weight12 - 14kg12 - 14kg


Image showing the size dimensions of loose leg crowd control barriers

Consider the barrier width with hooks when choosing your crowd barrier cover size


Fixed-leg Pedestrian Barrier Size Dimensions

Below are the typical dimensions of a fixed-leg crowd control barrier. These crowd control barrier measurements may vary depending on who you order from.


2.3-metre crowd barriers2.5-metre crowd barriers
Total height1.1 metre1.1 metre
Width (with hooks included)2.3 metre2.5 metre
Width (without hooks included)2.2 metre2.4 metre
Height between top & bottom bars90 centimetre90 centimetre
Distance between infill bars11 centimetres11 centimetres
Typical Tubular diameter3.8 centimetres3.8 centimetres
Distance from bottom bar to floor20 centimetres20 centimetres
Typical weight14 - 16kg14 - 16kg


Image showing the size dimensions of fixed-leg pedestrian barriers

Fixed-leg crowd barriers typically weigh slightly more than loose-leg pedestrian barriers


Police Pedestrian Barrier Size Dimensions

Below are the typical dimensions of police crowd barriers. These could vary depending on the supplier of your police barriers.

Police Barrier Size Dimensions
Height1.06 metre
Width1.52 metre
Depth70 centimetres


Image showing size dimensions of met police barriers

Police barriers offer greater stability than loose-leg or fixed-leg crowd control barriers





Where to buy crowd control barriers

There are lots of suppliers to choose from when looking to buy crowd control barriers. Two that stand out for quality and reliability are Hermeq and FirstFence.


1. Hermeq

Hermeq is a reputable supplier of Heras fencing and crowd control barrier solutions. At Hermeq, you’ll be able to buy:

  • Fixed-leg crowd control barriers
  • Loose-leg crowd barriers
  • Metal crowd barrier feet
  • Rubber crowd barrier feet

Crowd barriers are available in a range of colours from £20.70 ex VAT. Delivery is fast and reliable, with crowd barriers typically available for next working day delivery.


2. FirstFence

At FirstFence, you’re able to buy or hire the following pedestrian barriers:

  • Fixed Leg Crowd Barriers
  • Police Barriers
  • Flat metal crowd barrier feet
  • Rubber block crowd barrier feet

At FirstFence you can enjoy next working day delivery on your crowd control barriers. FirstFence crowd barriers offer great quality and reliability and are similar in price to Hermeq. The bonus with FirstFence is that you can hire crowd barriers if you’re on a budget or only need barriers as a one-off.


Can you buy used crowd barriers?

A quick Google search for used crowd barriers for sale will bring up a range of suppliers to choose from. Hermeq offers a range of used crowd barriers from just £16 per barrier ex VAT. Used pedestrian barriers at Hermeq are fixed-leg and available with next working day delivery.



How much do crowd control barriers cost?

The cost of crowd and pedestrian barriers is dependent on supplier, quantity and delivery location. Fixed leg barriers start from around £22 per barrier. Loose leg crowd control barriers are slightly cheaper typically starting from around £20 per barrier. However, loose leg barriers come with the added cost of buying metal or rubber barrier feet.

Below is a breakdown of barrier prices from the most reputable suppliers.


Price per unit (ex VAT)
First Fence
Price per unit (ex VAT)
Fixed Leg Crowd Barriers£20.70£22.11
Loose Leg Crowd Barriers£18.99N/A
Police BarriersN/A£214.20
Flat metal crowd barrier feet£4.28£6.93
Rubber block crowd barrier feet£6.97£8.85



Where to hire crowd control barriers

If you’re on a budget or only need crowd control barriers for a one-off event, you may want to hire pedestrian barriers. Hiring crowd barriers is typically priced per barrier per week and can be more cost-effective than buying. Three potential suppliers to hire crowd barriers are:

  • Brandon Hire Station
  • HSS
  • FirstFence

These options are reputable suppliers offering quality barriers and fast, reliable delivery. Below is a breakdown of the barriers and components each supplier offers and the cost involved.


Brandon Hire Station
Price per set / week
(ex VAT)
Price per set / week
(ex VAT)
First Fence
Price per set / week
(ex VAT)
Fixed Leg Crowd Barriers£6.66£5.35£2.50
Loose Leg Crowd BarriersN/AN/AN/A
Police Barriers£36.00N/A£18.00
Flat metal crowd barrier feetN/AN/AN/A
Rubber block crowd barrier feetN/A£1.28£0.30



Crowd control barrier advertising

Custom crowd control barriers are a great way of advertising or branding your event whilst hiding unsightly fences. Crowd barrier covers are completely customisable and can help make your event or site safer and look great.

Here are some ideas you could use for crowd barrier advertising:

  • Arrows directing crowds through queues, entrances or exits
  • Directions to facilities such as toilets, bars or food
  • Display food, activities or other event information
  • Showcase your project or event

Crowd barrier covers are available in 5 different styles including police barrier covers. Solo, Poncho and Elite crowd barrier covers are popular choices for crowd barrier advertising.

 Image of crowd barrier advertising used at Euro 2020

Crowd barrier advertising is a great way to hide unsightly barriers and display event information



Pedestrian barriers are cost-effective and durable for managing crowd control at events or construction sites. Easy to transport and install, crowd barriers help prevent unauthorised access and keep pedestrians safe. 

With crowd barrier covers, you can advertise your event, direct crowds or showcase information whilst hiding unsightly barriers. From standard to premium, we have a wide range of covers to suit you. If you need any support or advice, don’t hesitate to email or call 01709 432 001.


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