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Scaffold Banners Marketing Potential

Sep 8, 2018 | News

Scaffold BannersScaffold banners are a great way to display an eye-catching graphic, logo or advertisement to the passing public. Simply installing a scaffold sign will help your brand or message visibly stand out from the surrounding clutter of the construction site and help with scaffolding advertising.

Scaffold wraps and scaffold advertising banners can be installed on sites, often without the need for planning consent, to display a clear message and deliver real marketing results. You will notice many construction sites and scaffold locations have capitalised on the vast open space and have invested in various advertising covers and signs.

Scaffolding and hoardings can serve as much more than a single purpose and work into a creative marketing strategy for a business as building advertising banners. All kinds of organisations can use scaffolding to their advantage and display their own commercial message. Renovation projects often need to scaffold around the entire face of a multi-story building, which can provide an advertising space to the same effect as enormous billboards on the side of buildings.

Using a construction site in your marketing strategy can have lots of commercial benefits, including brand visibility and building industry relations.

Brand visibility

One of the most obvious benefits of scaffold covers is increasing your brand awareness. By using the otherwise uninhabited space, you can display your company logo to the vast numbers of people that pass by every day. Lots of developments are in busy city centres, which means your banner will be seen by a huge number of local people.

Build industry relations

Scaffold signs can be used to reach vague and general audiences, but also to target a specific audience within your industry. If your organisation is in the construction sector then development sites can be a great place to market your brand to others in the same industry as lots of members of the same trade will see it.

Monster Mesh provides a range of bespoke scaffold banners and we can manufacture and supply single piece banners to any size and shape required. For more information, feel free to get in touch today on 01709 432001.