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Where to use PVC banners

May 7, 2019 | News

PVC banners are one of the most proven and effective means of local marketing.

PVC and mesh advertising banners can be a great addition to your marketing strategy to help generate leads, raise awareness and increase sales for your organisation.

Advertising banners can be used to promote or advertise almost anything so long as you are creative enough, here are some ideas:

Car boot sale

If you are running or organising a car boot sale then attracting a high number of visitors is crucial to making sure you and the venders turn a profit. Local marketing is therefore crucial in making the most of the local community and bringing them to the sale.

Sports club

Various sports activities such as karate classes, football and rugby clubs and gymnast groups all depend on new members to keep them running and competing. A PVC banner can be a fun and eye-catching way to attract new children and teens to the groups.

New store launch

If you are opening a store for your business, consider investing in a mesh advertising banner to help raise awareness. New start-ups such as barbershops or bars heavily rely on local trade and local customers to make their venture a success.


If your business or store is located slightly off a busy high street or road with lots of passing traffic a PVC banner can be a great way to direct them. A branded banner that simply says ‘Next right 200 yards’ can make all the difference in getting more customers through your door.

Monster Mesh provide a full range of mesh and PVC banners with weights ranging from 300gsm to 610gsm. The advertising banners provided by Monster Mesh are extremely high in quality, waterproof and weatherproof and have steel eyelets for portability so you can get multiple uses out of them.

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